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Connecting Albuquerque Businesses with the Resources They Need to Succeed

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Welcome to the Molino Project. We're here to help Albuquerque entrepreneurs and small business owners find the right resources to grow their startups and small businesses.

How do we help?

For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Through The Resource Navigator®, the Molino Project provides the entrepreneurial community with a categorized list of local business-building resources. Entrepreneurs and small business owners just use the form above to indicate what kind of help they need.

The Resource Navigator searches the database of Albuquerque service providers and provides business owners with the help they need to take the next step to grow their business, based on their need, stage and location.

Partners provide a range of services, including business plan development, market analysis, financing, operations assistance, education and more.

For Entrepreneurial Service Organizations

The Molino Project makes the wealth of resources more visible and accessible for Albuquerque entrepreneurs.

Organizations include small business development groups, government entities, loan programs, main street programs, chambers of commerce, technical or legal assistance providers, organizations specializing in helping women and/or minorities and more. Add your organization to the map.

And because we aggregate requests into actionable data, we can also let community builders and leaders know what Albuquerque entrepreneurs need and what gaps there may be in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

About the Molino Project

Albuquerque is rich in services ready to help our startups and small businesses—and we want to help you connect with the right resource for what your business needs.

The Molino Project is here to create a connected, collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem that better serves our entrepreneurs and helps people who want to know how to start or grow a business in Albuquerque.