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Bernalillo County Planning and Development

Administers the county's building, zoning, planning, subdivision, business regulation, impact fee, street name, and other development-related regulations for businesses operating in Bernalillo County.


Any person engaging in or doing business (operating, conducting, carrying on or pursuing any occupation, trade or pursuit for the purpose of direct or indirect benefit) in Bernalillo County must pay a Business Registration fee – please see referenced Business License Code:
To assist the general public with this requirement, we have provided an Inter-Active Application to register your business in one of our following categories: Home Occupation, Commercial Enterprise, or Out of County.
Home Occupation and Commercial Enterprise are checked to ensure that the business location has the proper zoning; we will also coordinate appropriate inspections of the property by the Zoning, Building, Environmental Health and the Fire Marshal’s offices as necessary. 
Out of County business registration are used to register Commercial Enterprises doing business in but not originating from, unincorporated Bernalillo County; depending on the nature of activity, these may require Environmental Health approval prior to processing.
Prior to submitting your application, you will need to obtain a Tax Identification Number from the State of New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department Following approval of any required inspections and payment of necessary fees, we will issue a license to conduct business in the county for a period of one year.
NOTES: No Business License can be processed on properties that have any unresolved issues such as a Bernalillo County Flag or Hold, i.e. expired permits or code enforcement violations.
All Business License applications will be checked to ensure compliance with all Bernalillo County Codes.


Regulatory Compliance

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  • Registration, licenses and permits
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